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Talking Heads

We have recently seen an increased number of AVIcode users complaining about lack of a simple application that they can use to explore AVIcode capabilities. There were only two choices available before - DinnerNow application, which was rather complex to deploy and monitor, and Duwamish application, which was rather outdated. Some people tried using .NET StockTrader sample application, but it does not have too many different transactions, therefore monitoring demo does not come out very impressive. Besides, you have to spend some time explaining what do those applications do, which steals time from demos.

About Talking Heads

We decided to build a better demo application for AVIcode. We decided that a social network will be a perfect example, because:

  1. People are familiar with the concept;
  2. It can be done as a three tier application;
  3. There are a few good scenarios to break the application;
  4. The code is very straightforward and easy to understand.

After struggling with the name for a while we came up with "TalkingHeads". Don't ask why.

The TalkingHeads is a simple social network written in ASP .NET 4.0. It is intended for demonstrating and exploring application monitoring features of AVIcode technology. It works great with AVIcode 5.7, as well as with APM feature in System Center 2012.

TalkingHeads is compatible with both standalone and SCOM integrated AVIcode deployment scenarios: in the latter case you may also find additional information on sample MP for SCOM 2007 and MP for SCOM 2012 on MPWiki.

The goal of the project is to introduce potential customers to the features and capability of AVIcode APM technology in a simple Do It Yourself manner.


Application Structure

TalkingHeads demo project consists of three main components: 

  1. Web User Interface (Web UI or "TalkingHeads", hereinafter), 
  2. Midtier Web Service part (Midtier or "TalkingHeadsMidtier", hereinafter)
  3. SQL Database. 

Web UI part ("TalkingHeads") and Web Service part ("TalkingHeadsMidtier") is created using application installers. The database is created and populated using the "Setup" page of the "TalkingHeads" web application.

"TalkingHeads" is just a UI interacting with end users;  it does not implement any business logic. All the logic is served by "TalkingHeadsMidtier". SQL database stores all the data used by application such as: registered users information, users’ relationships, posts etc. SQL database is created and populated through the seeding process on the "Setup" page.



Please refer to the TalkingHeads installation manual for complete instructions on how to set up the demo application.

Please refer to the MPWiki for the description of the demonstration management packs (MP) for SCOM 2007 and for SCOM 2012

Please refer to the TalkingHeads MP prerequisites page for a complete instructions on deploying the management pack for SCOM 2007.

The AVIcode 5.7 trial is available for downloading on the System Center AVIcode page.

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